Metal Wool Reel, Tube and Soap Pad

Metal Wool Reel, Tube and Soap Pad

Product Description

Product Name:Metal Wool Reel, Tube and Soap Pad

Country of Origin:China, U.S.A.

Material:Steel/Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Copper/Brass ......

color:Black, White, Red, Yellow

Minimum Order:USD3,000.00

Delivery Lead Time:Within 45 Days

Delivery FOB Port:China, USA

Payment Condition:L/C or T/T

Detail Specifications

* Soap Pad for Cleaning
* Needled Tube for Muffler
* Concrete Reinforcement Fiber for Paving
* Low Carbon Steel Wool for Polishing, Insolation
* Stainless Steel Wool for Polishing, Insolation, Filter
* Aluminum Wool for Insolation, Filter
* Copper Wool for Insolation
* Brass Wool for Insolation